Williams Memorial CME Church Covid-19 Church Re-Opening FAQs

The safety of our members, guests, and community are paramount in our decision-making process. The Williams Memorial Covid-19 Response Team will continue to meet, evaluate current data, laws, and regulations, and provide guidance on how best to proceed wisely.

We have had questions regarding procedures and expectations when the time is right to re-open. This document will serve as a real-time resource to help answer those questions. 

Will masks be required during worship services and while in the church?

Yes, for the continued safety of all, masks will be required until further notice

Will temperatures be taken when entering the church?

Yes, there will be temperature checks at the right front doors of the church (Vestibule entrance)

At what temperature will a person be restricted from entering the church?

100.5 degrees or above

Will seating be social-distanced six feet (6ft) apart in the sanctuary for services?

Yes. Ushers will direct seating in every other row. Family members may sit together but all other will be seated 6ft from the next person.

What will be the determining factor for our return to church?

There are several factors:

  • State reopening timeline and community health response
  • An approval from our Presiding Elder and Bishop on our reopening plan as is required by the CME Church
If we have too many people attending and have overflow in the Fellowship Hall, how will that work?

We will have Social Distancing in place in the Fellowship Hall for overflow seating and a screen for viewing the service.

If I have an underlying condition, should I stay home even after the church opens?

Because the risk to those with underlying conditions is greater, we recommend that those members stay home and join us in worship via Livestream, Facebook Live, YouTube, or our phone line.

Will the choirs sing when the church opens?

Not initially. Because singing can spread particles much farther, it would not be in the best interest to have choirs sing in the initial reopening. 

If you have additional questions, please submit them to the Church Office at (admin@williamsmemorialcme.org) and we will work to provide an answer and update this document.